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My name is Flo – but I guess you already know that. This is my personal website.

I don't (really) blog

But I wrote down some notes about the beyond tellerrand conference 2023 and why I didn't relaunch my website as planned. Don't expect a lot more articles, but be happily surprised if suddenly there is a new one. Maybe.

In addition, there's a growing list of personal websites you should have a look at!

#IndieWeb #OwnYourContent


In 2024 I want to focus on music. This includes listening to new artists, learn to play new songs on the bass (my main instrument) and maybe record some tracks. Recently I had a jam session with a GarageBand drummer and started a list of songs I've been learning on the bass.

#Music2024 #BassIt!

Web. Stuff.

I build things on the web. It's my job and it's fun. But it's a lot to know, even more to learn and too much to remember. Therefore I want to collect some of the things I found on the web or learned by myself for later use. I recently started with a small collection of Drupal links.

#HTML #CSS #PHP #JavaScript #Drupal #Kirby

What's up?

If you want to get in touch Mastodon might be the best way.