Bass it!

01.01.2024 – 16.04.2024 (last update)

Listen and learn …

I'm trying to learn to play as many songs as possible on the bass in 2024. I'm mainly interested in trying out different genres. Therefore this list does not perfectly reflect my taste in music. But there probably won't be anything on it that I think really sucks either :)

I won't be using tabs or sheet music that you can find on the internet. I'm mainly interested in the process of listening and replaying.

The overview will hopefully grow steadily. Let's go!





Nothing to see here. 🙁


… to be continued!


You can find all songs on a playlist on Spotify. Including the ones I plan to learn.


Amount of songs per decade
Year Amount of songs
1960's 1
1970's 2
1980's 1
1990's 12
2000's 10
2010's 4
2020's 1

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